The Confederation of Organic Food Producers & Marketing Agencies

The Confederation of Organic Food Producers & Marketing Agencies, established in 2018, is the umbrella body of the organic food producers, processors, marketing agencies, buyers/sellers, certifying agencies, seed suppliers, consultants, and other stakeholders. The objective of the Confederation is:

  • to promote nature-friendly, scientific, farming systems and practices that are economically viable, energy efficient, and climate-friendly.
  • simultaneously oriented towards the conservation of the environment and the empowerment of rural communities, building upon indigenous and traditional knowledge, skills, and practices.
  • help/guide farmers on how to undertake organic farming, and assist farmers engaged in transitional organic farming to access practical know-how from experienced families or farmers through various means.
  • to create awareness among all sections of consumers about the determinants of conventional chemical agriculture and its consequences.
  • to work closely with other organic farming associations, and farmers associations in India and internationally in order to strengthen the organic farming movement.
  • to hold programs all over the country, take farmers to exhibit at international exhibitions, and buyers/sellers meet who will help them directly.
  • to lobby with the Centre and State Governments for a conducive environment for the organic food industry.

It may be mentioned that India holds a unique position among 187 countries practicing organic agriculture. India is home to 30 percent of total organic producers in the world having 2.30 million ha.

What We Do

The COII identify priorities and draft policy statements, submit them with the respective authorities from time to time.  These include enforcement of the governmental policies, frauds in the organic industry, organic dairy, organic minor forestry products, etc.  Though there is better atmosphere for organic farming in India, yet there are some issues at various level which are to be addressed for the betterment of the organic agriculture community including growers and consumers. The COII provides the common platform where all stake holders meet, discuss the problems and find amicably solutions for their problems in the best interest of the organic industry.

There is an urgent need for organic farming in India:

  • the organic food industry is rising and is growing very fast ensuring high profitability,
  • food security needs to be addressed with the growing population and decreasing supply of resources
  • maintaining a clean and green environment is extremely important and, therefore, environmental sustainability needs to be maintained.
  • There needs to be an improvement in health as consumption may lead to many diseases.
  • strike a balance between the environment and livelihood